How to By-Pass "LOCKED" GM Radios

So I've been driving around with my stereo "LOCKED" for 2-3 years now because I refused to pay the dealership here the $150 dollars to reprogram this replacement radio I got for my 2005 GMC Envoy. The other day the battery in my truck started to die as it's getting old, 6 years or so. While trying to charge the battery and playing with the ignition I noticed that the stereo came on and started playing. I so discovered that if I reset the radio and the battery died in the proper order as long as I had the ignition off the stereo would play. However, as soon as I turned the truck back on the radio would display the dreaded "LOCKED" I played around for a few hours with the wires and trying to get it to stay on without becoming "LOCKED" but it wouldn't have any of it. Then I came back in and googled me up some information and found this little tid-bit about removing power from the EEPROM in the radio so it couldn't "Check" the stored VIN against my trucks actual VIN. There weren't really any great details just some ideas and if you knew a little bit about electronics you could figure it out, but I wanted to make it a little easier for everyone so I found some pictures and wrote a little tutorial piece. Don't get too excited the whole process takes about 30 seconds. It takes longer to remove the radio and put it back. Click on the second image to view a larger version and see what you need to "HACK! After finding this out I'm so angry I drove around for so long without my stereo."